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selling CloudxYuffie and Red XIII+Yuffie friendship doujinshi!

Hello, I'm selling a huge chunk of my doujinshi collection because I've run out of space. As much as I'd like to keep them all, I can't. I have one Cloud x Yuffie doujinshi I'm willing to part with at the moment and it's a pretty big one. Anthology with 104 pages so there's a lot of Clouffie love. Even if you don't want to buy anything, I did include several scans so this can double as a sort of sharing post. ^^;

More doujinshi and details can be found at my journal.

Pairing: Cloud x Yuffie
Circle/Published: CY Kikaku; 2005.10.27
Pages/Size/Rating: 104; B5; General, Comedy, Serious, Romance, G
Sample Pages: One, Two, Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven, Eight, Nine
About: CloudxYuffie anthology. The art fluctuates quite a bit as there are many different artists who contributed art and novels. Stories are mostly comedy or serious with no sexual content. One of my favorites from this anthology is magnet (sample 9) by Asada Thomas. Oh, and I really like the comic where Yuffie and Cloud go on their Goldsaucer date which results in both of them getting sick from the gondola ride. :P Scans from more of my favorites can be seen in the sample images provided.
Price: $20

Title: a • ru • pa Ver.3
Pairing: None (Yuffie & Red XIII friendship)
Circle/Published: Mariana Kaikou-Dan; 1998.12.??
Pages/Size/Rating: 24; B5; Serious, Comedy, G
Sample Pages: One, Two
About: Mariana Kaikou-Dan is one of my favorites from the FFVII fandom. Lun Yoshino's art is cute and most of her doujinshi features Yuffie. Not only that, but there is also a focus on Red XIII, something that's rare among FFVII doujin. Yuffie convinces Nanaki to help her obtain some materia she found in a chick's nest. The chick's nest is conviently located on the side of a steep cliff...will Yuffie be able to retrieve this coveted Phoenix materia? Includes beautiful art of Tifa and Aeris near the end. So cute, I love it! <3
Price: $12

And while this is totally counter-productive, I'm also looking to buy Cloud/Yuffie doujinshi. So if anyone wants to sell one, I might be interested. >_>
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